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Congratulations Skye!

When we work with bloggers, we ask for their true opinion of how they found one of our products. Here is a great review of the Isabelle Gownie from Real Mom Reviews and we think she look fantastic! Thank you so much!

The Gownie: Unlike Any Traditional Hospital Gown!

Disclosure: The Gownie pictured below was provided compliments of Baby Be Mine Maternity.
Looking and feeling your best during labor and delivery is something every mom worries about! For me, the one thing that I loathe about delivering in a hospital is having to put on a gross delivery gown. They are uncomfortable, never snap right and I have never seen one that photographs very well- Enter the Gownie!!
gownie2A Gownie is the perfect alternative to the gross delivery gown I hate so much! It features everything your hospital needs a gown to have and looks way, way better. In my opinion, it is a hospital bag must have.10432407_745457968809859_2093563957_nSnaps down the back fully cover you from top to bottom so you do not have to worry about your hiney hanging out. Unlike traditional gowns there are no ties to tie over and over again, you snap the snaps once and forget about them. Dual shoulder snaps allow for easy breastfeeding and immediate skin to skin contact with your new baby- just like a traditional hospital gown.
gownieThe nurses loved my Gownie and I was asked about it by six other moms during my stay. It was as comfortable as a traditional hospital gown with much less headache and much prettier pictures- if I do say so myself!
Buy It: You can purchase a 100 % organic cotton Gownie from Baby Be Mine Maternity for $49.99!

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Great review by Emily from Family & Life in Las Vegas

Congratulations to Emily! She just welcome her second baby boy!

One of the first things I remember when thinking back to my time in the hospital after the birth of my first son was how horrible the hospital gowns were.  They were just not very comfortable, and certainly didn’t do anything for anyone.  After spending 4 days in one, I couldn’t stand the thought of another hospital stay like that.
When I was packing my labor and delivery bag I was excited to include several items from Baby Be Mine to help make my hospital stay as comfortable as possible.
The first thing I did after the birth of my son was take a shower and put on myGownie.

What’s a Gownie?

A Gownie is a designer hospital maternity gown that are the perfect alternative for any pregnant woman who wants to be comfortable yet stylish during labor. Approved by the hospital staff, these birthing gowns have snaps on the back to cover from top to bottom and have off the shoulder snaps on both sides for easy access for medical examination and breastfeeding.
Made with 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton, our maternity gowns combines fun and functionality just like our other maternity apparel. Available in 3 different sizes, these maternity hospital gowns will fit you perfectly. Now you know why these Gownies are so popular among celebrities and a must-have in every hospital bag.
While many women do choose to labor in these gowns, I wanted to save mine for my hospital stay.  I liked how easy it was to breastfeed in the gown, and knew that when my friends came to see me in the hospital I wouldn’t look so run down in the maternity gown that the hospital provides.
"Baby Be Mine" "Maternity" "Hospital Gown" "Delivery Gown" "Designer Materity Gowns"
It may be just a simple hospital gown, but to me it made me feel more pulled together, clean, and like myself.  Having a baby is a time of celebration, why should I wear what you have to wear when you are sick?  The Gownies are fun yet functional outfit for one of the happiest time in your life.  Since they come in both organic and regular cotton the price point is perfect for everyone.  I highly recommend looking into making sure you have one for your hospital stay or even delivering at home!  Gownies come in many different prints and start at $19.99,
Additionally I was able to bring the cutest layette outfit for Baby D.  Baby Be Mine offers polka dot layette gowns (in blue and pink) for your newborn with a matching hat.  I thought it was fun that we matched, and the nurses on the labor and delivery floor did too, as they kept popping by my room to see our matching outfits and complimenting me on the design of the Gownie!
"Baby Be Mine" "Layette" "Infant Sleep Sack" "Coming Home Outfit For baby"
Baby Be Mine also has clothing for nursing.  I packed a simple pair of nursing lounge wear in my hospital bag and have kept them in steady rotation at my home since. They are the most comfortable pajamas, allow me easy access when nursing Baby D, and best of all even after several washes the pants have not shrunk in length at all!  Every pajama I buy seems to have a  I have even worn the top out with jeans!  If they carried them in more colors I’d buy one of each!
"Nursing Tops" "Nursing Pajamas" "Breastfeeding"
In addition to the stylish Gownies, Layettes, and nursing lounge wear.  It’s a great shop for moms during every trimester, delivery, and beyond!
You can find Baby Be Mine onlineFacebook and Twitter!  Be sure to follow them for news of new products and sales!

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Top 4 Gifts for a Baby Shower

Becoming a mother for the first time is both the most rewarding experience women will go through in their lifetime. Anytime there's the opportunity to bring a new life into this world, it's something to be cherished and celebrated. It does feel make you feel a little scary when the realization dawns on you that you'll be responsible for the psychological well-being of another individual and it can get overwhelming when you begin to consider the logistics of raising a child. All of these fears and reservations are muted once a new mother holds her baby for the first time, but until then it's up to family and friends to help keep her grounded. One of the best ways to do so is with a baby shower.

Baby showers have two primary benefits:

  • The celebration of life and motherhood helps bring everyone together and eases some of the nervousness permeating the moment.
  • The gifts help offset some of the financial costs of raising a child while also making the mom-to-be feel special.

Besides the obvious gifts like clothing, diapers and toys, great gift ideas involve items specifically for the new mom, particularly items that help her feel beautiful at a time when her body, after labor, may inspire the opposite.

1. Hospital Delivery Gown
There is a long list of reasons hospitals are unpleasant, whether you're a patient or a visitor. As a patient, high on the list is the hospital gown. Between the unflattering oversized fit and the open rear, hospital gowns are a great generator of embarrassment for anyone forced to wear them. Therefore, for a new mom, a cute gown with a beautiful print design and a better fit would be a great gift. She could stick it in her go-bag and gleefully decline the nurse's offer of the hospital's version.
hospital delivery gown - gownies

2. Layette Set for Newborn Baby
When bringing a baby home from the hospital, new mothers want everything to be perfect. Help her out with the perfect receiving gown and matching hat for the beautiful newborn. A simple yet classic blue for the boys and pink for the girls is always a good choice. You can even take it one step further and get a matching outfit for the new mom.

3. Gift Basket
Another fun idea for a baby shower gift is a gift basket filled with a few items that will come in handy both during the hospital stay and once the new mom goes home. Items to include are lip balm, one or two headbands for her to use since she won't have time to do much more than tie her hair up, warm socks decorated with cute graphics and a fun message and a laundry bag to hold her old clothes when she's ready to go home.

4. Something for Dad
Though traditionally men don't attend baby showers, it's becoming more common for the father-to-be to join the celebration. Though the majority of the gifts will be for the newborn, consider buying something for him as well. One great idea is a simple hat or t-shirt with "daddy" written on it. You can even go so far as to get a matching set that includes a hat, t-shirt and canteen water bottle. They'll make the perfect wardrobe choice for the day he brings his wife and baby home from the hospital. As for the canteen, it'll serve as a great conversation starter whenever he pulls it out for a drink.

accessories for to-be-dad

Think these are great gift ideas for a baby shower. Find more at Baby Be Mine Maternity!

baby Elan daily review!

Have a look at this great review from :

My favorite things to wear while in the hospital were from Baby Be Mine. I felt super stylish in the labor/delivery room wearing my push socks with my organic hospital gown. And their maternity/nursing clothing made my first days of nursing extremely easy!
The Ready Set Push Labor Socks are a must have for the hospital! These would make the perfect baby shower gift!  They have a non-skid bottom which makes them great for walking the halls. They keep your feet warm and are a great alternative to slippers. The Ready Set Push Labor Socks retail for $9.99.
I was disappointed they didn’t allow me to wear my Sophie Gownie Hospital Gown in the OR since it wasn’t “sanitary.” Luckily I got to wear my comfy gown before and after surgery- which was probably better since it didn’t get dirty while they were operating. The Gownie made breastfeeding super easy when we got back to the room.  The nurses were even impressed with all of the openings. I also loved my matching pillowcase. :) You can read my full review of the Gownie here.
The Baby Be Mine Nightdress is the perfect outfit for the hospital when you are ready to change into clothing. The dress makes it easy to get checked on by your doctors/nurses and the top is perfect for breastfeeding. The top is supportive, so no need for wearing a bra. It also has push back panels to make breastfeeding super simple.
The nightdress is made with 95% viscose and is extremely soft and comfortable. I love that it is stretchy and supportive without being restrictive. I have loved sleeping in the nightdress since we’ve been home. You can always wear you hubby’s button-up shirt if you are chilly! You can get the Baby Be Mine Nightdress for $49.99 and it comes in sizes 4-18.
After I was cleared and no longer needed to be checked by the Dr’s, I was able to change into the Baby Be Mine Nursing Set which is a pants and nursing top outfit. It can be worn out, as loungewear, or even as a night outfit. I have worn the top out on many occasions since it’s a great breastfeeding top! It looks really cute with jeans and you can dress it up with a skirt. I love the push back panels for easy access breastfeeding!
The nursing outfit is made with the extra soft viscose which helps regulate your body temperature. The pants are stretchy, so they don’t cut into your waist. The outfit is available in sizes 4-18. You can even wear them while you are pregnant. You can get the Baby Be Mine Nursing Set for $59.99!
You can read y maternity review of Baby Be Mine here! Be sure to follow Baby Be Mine on FacebookTwitter, and sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on deals and more!
DISCOUNT: Baby Be Mine would like to offer BabyElan readers 10% off by entering fit10 at the checkout!
BabyElan {daily} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from said company, as stated within the editorial.

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What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag For a Great Delivery?

Delivering a baby and bringing a new addition to the family is one of the most memorable times of your life. In the rush to get to the hospital, it is easy to forget items that you and the baby would need. Planning and packing a hospital bag ahead of time can be helpful and stress-free. Since most deliveries require a one to three day stay, it is best to pack with that in mind. A good time to get everything packed is around the time you reach full terms (37 weeks). Follow these tips to be prepared and comfortable to meet your little one.

Pre-labor Items to Pack
The most important items for delivery are your birth plan, driver’s license and insurance cards. A birth plan can be helpful for your obstetrician and nurses to review before the delivery. Your driver’s license and insurance information are often required when you check into the hospital. You may also want to pack a list of important phone numbers for the birth, including numbers for the pediatrician, family and friends.

Comfort Items for Labor
Choose items that make your birth experience more comfortable and memorable. One great item for your hospital bag is a maternity hospital gown for extra comfort. Gownies are available in 100% organic and/or 100% cotton and come in a variety of cute patterns such as the timeless Ella or the cheerful Angelina. A fun maternity hospital gown is also adorable for personalized pictures after the baby is born.
There is a reason delivery is called labor. It can be tiring, so bring a fun pillow case from home to cover your pillow with (like our bright Nicole pillow case!); by choosing a vibrant color, your personal pillow case won’t get mixed up with the hospital laundry.

Remember to pack soft, non-skid labor socks to prevent both literal and metaphorical cold feet – all hospital checklists mention that your feet can get cold in labor and during the stay, so be prepared! Get a giggle by wearing socks with a saying on the bottom – such as “Ready, Set, Push!”. Another small, but not to be forgotten item, to bring is some lip balm. Lip balm is an essential item to your comfort, as ice chips are only allowed in labor, and lips can quickly feel dry and chapped.

Items for the Newborn
No hospital bag is complete without a camera to take pictures of the little addition to the family. Make sure to choose a timeless and adorable baby layette set, such as blue or pink dotty receiving gown and hat to avoid temperature changes for the baby. You’ll want to pack an equally adorable baby going-home outfit and have family members ready to snap your baby’s first photos.

Items for After the Birth
The average hospital stay for a birth ranges from one to three days. With an assortment of visitors dropping by, it’s important to pack items that make you feel comfortable as well as beautiful. Add pampering toiletries such as lotion and lip gloss with your standard toiletries to your hospital bag.

Packing a nursing bra and breast pads can help you to feel more comfortable after the birth. Another important consideration is choosing clothes that are cute and do double duty for nursing. The maternity and nursing shirts are great for that transition period after birth. These shirts are both flattering and functional for nursing your newborn and can be worn as a tunic later on. Choose a versatile maternity pant that is flattering and adjustable.

Don’t wait till last minute to pack the hospital bag. Use the simple and handy checklist below to make sure you have packed everything that been recommended for your trip to the hospital to deliver the baby:
  1. Birth plan
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Insurance cards
  4. Important phone numbers
  5. Gownies maternity hospital gowns
  6. Fun pillow case
  7. Labor socks
  8. Lip balm
  9. Camera
  10. Layette set
  11. Newborn diapers
  12. Baby socks
  13. Baby blankets
  14. Feeding supplies
  15. Toiletries
  16. Nursing bra and pads
  17. Before and After maternity and nursing shirts
  18. Before and After maternity and postpartum pants